Book Review of “The People We Hate At The Wedding” By Grant Ginder

Paul and Alice’s half-sister Eloise is getting married! In London! There will be fancy hotels, dinners at “it” restaurants and a reception at a country estate complete with tea lights and embroidered cloth napkins.
They couldn’t hate it more.

The People We Hate at the Wedding is the story of a less than perfect family. Donna, the clan’s mother, is now a widow living in the Chicago suburbs with a penchant for the occasional joint and more than one glass of wine with her best friend while watching House Hunters International. Alice is in her thirties, single, smart, beautiful, stuck in a dead-end job where she is mired in a rather predictable, though enjoyable, affair with her married boss. Her brother Paul lives in Philadelphia with his older, handsomer, tenured track professor boyfriend who’s recently been saying things like “monogamy is an oppressive heteronormative construct,” while eyeing undergrads. And then there’s Eloise. Perfect, gorgeous, cultured Eloise. The product of Donna’s first marriage to a dashing Frenchman, Eloise has spent her school years at the best private boarding schools, her winter holidays in St. John and a post-college life cushioned by a fat, endless trust fund. To top it off, she’s infuriatingly kind and decent. (From Goodreads)

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Booksparks for sending me this #popupblogtour book, in exchange of an honest review.

So, you know when you watch a movie, or a t.v. show, and it has the “The following content is meant for a mature audience, viewer discretion advised” warning? Well I feel like this book should have had that.

If you are into snarky, crude, perverted humor, than this book is meant for you. If you take no issue with same-sex relationships, and same-sex sexual encounters, or with infidelity, than read this book. I took no issue with the above, and I immensely enjoyed reading it. However I will say this, it’s not going to be well received with some readers, and defiantly should not be read by younger teens.

Grant Ginder painted a picture of a dysfunctional family, that makes my dysfunctional family seem picture perfect! Honestly, my favorite characters in this book was Donna, the Mom, and Eloise the half-sister. I felt like I understood and related to them the most. Especially Donna, and her desire to protect her kids.

I am so glad I got to read this book, and Thank you once again Booksparks!

Relationships are awful, They’ll kill you, right up to the point where they start saving your life. Grant Ginder

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