July 2017 Reading Wrap Up

Here are the books I was lucky to read this month! Lot’s of wonderful gems!!

  1. Emma In The Night, By Wendy Walker (Sent for review)
  2. Everything We Keep, By Kerry Lonsdale
  3. Everything We Left Behind, By Kerry Lonsdale (Sent for review)
  4. Light Radiance Splendor, By Leah Chyten (Sent for review)
  5. The Breakdown, By B.A. Paris (Sent for review)
  6. Keep You Safe, By Melissa Hill
  7. Lying The Children, By Alex Shalah
  8.  Seven Days Of Us, By Francesca Hornack
  9. White Bodies, By Jane Robins
  10. Alphonse, By Carl Sever (DNF’D)
  11. The Shark Club, By Ann Kidd Taylor

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