July 2017 Book Haul

Here are the beauties I’ve picked up this month!

  1. Everything We Left Behind, By Kerry Lonsdale (Gifted)
  2. White Bodies, By Jane Robins (Won)
  3. The Other Twin, By Lucy V Hay (Sent for review)
  4. Girl In Snow, By Danya Kukafka (Sent for review)
  5. Something Like Happy, By Eva Woods (Sent for review)
  6. The Rules Of Love and Grammar, By Mary Simses (Sent for review)
  7. The Wonder, By Emma Donoghue (Sent for review)
  8. The Forever Summer, By Jamie Brenner (Sent for review)
  9. The Reminders, By Val Emmich (Sent for review)
  10. A Game of Ghosts, By John Connolly (Sent for review)
  11. Lying To Children, By Alex Shahla (Sent for review)
  12. The Captains Daughter, By Meg Mitchell Moore (Sent for review)
  13. Alphonse, By Carl Sever (Sent for review)
  14. Final Girls, By Riley Sager
  15. Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore, By Matthew Sullivan (Gifted)
  16. Hallowed, By Cynthia Hand (Gifted)
  17. Boundless, By Cynthia Hand (Gifted)
  18. Unearthly, By Cynthia Hand (Gifted)
  19. Weird Things Customers Say In Bookstores, By Jen Campbell (Gifted)
  20. A Thousand Boy Kisses, By Tillie Cole (Gifted)
  21. American Family, By Catherine Marshall-Smith (Sent for review)
  22. A Work Of Art, By Micayla Lally (Sent for review)
  23. Desert Remains, By Steven Cooper, (Sent for review)
  24. Eden, By Jeanne McWilliams- Blasberg (Sent for review)
  25. 13 Minutes By, Sarah Pinbourough (Sent for review)
  26. Frankie, By Shivaun Plozza (Sent for review)
  27. The Shark Club, By Ann Kidd Taylor (Sent for review)
  28. Dead Woman Walking, By Sharon Bolton (Sent for review)
  29. After Life, By Marcus Sakey (Sent for review)
  30. Working Fire, by Emily Bleeker (Sent for review)
  31. The Goddesses, By Swan Huntley
  32. Hello Sunshine, By Laura Dave (Sent for review)
  33. Fitness Junkie, By Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza (Sent for review)
  34. The People We Hate At The Wedding, By Grant Ginder (Sent for review)
  35. Atheists Who Kneel And Pray, By Tarryn Fischer
  36. The Guineveres, By Sarah Domet (Sent for review)
  37. I Found You, By Lisa Jewell
  38. Watch Me Disappear, By Janelle Brown

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