My Sort Of Review For “Alphonse” By Carl Sever


After twenty years of riding the rails, Alphonse has earned a reputation for being a kindhearted soul always ready to help. When he helps the Sadlers, a young couple seeking a better life in small-town 1950s Indiana, he doesn’t intend to stay. But stay he does, keeping a close eye on the Sadlers and their two young sons–and an even closer eye on the town’s new priest, Father Brennon. On the surface, Brennon seems perfect for the job–but Alphonse crossed paths with him years earlier in the railyard jungle, and he knows better. Brennon doesn’t recognize Alphonse, but Alphonse has never forgotten Brennon . . . or his crimes. So when Brennon assigns the Sadlers’ son, Francis, who is now thirteen, the thankless task of cleaning and maintaining the church’s bell tower–work that often continues into the night–Alphonse immediately grows suspicious. Soon, he discovers that his worst fears have come to pass, and he races to find a way to protect Francis and reveal the truth to the Sadler family (From Goodreads)

Whole honesty here guys, I DNF’d this book. Child Molestation and Rape are triggers for me, and not a topic I would read and enjoy. Reading is my form of passion, love, and entertainment, and I cannot willingly taint that with a book that stirs up so much emotions, and honestly, disgust. I apologize to the author and Booksparks, but I cannot give this book a review, and I cannot finish it.

However guys, don’t let my review deter you away from reading this, if this book is something that interests you. That’s the beauty of reading, we all like and enjoy different things, and there are books out there for all of us! Thank you to Booksparks for sending me this book for the #popupblogtour This is my overly too honest opinion.




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