Book Review Of “Lying To Children” By Alex Shahla @booksparks

A fictional father writes letters to his college-aged daughter and son remembering events, large and small, from their family’s past in the poignant and hilarious Lying to Children. In this collection of sometimes outrageous, sometimes sad, often heartwarming interconnected vignettes, author Alex Shahla enters the fray with a delightful confessional celebration of family life told in stories from a dad’s unique perspective. Centered around the untruths parents regularly tell their kids in an effort to protect (or silence) them—from “Daddy Loves his Job” to “There’s a Jolly Fat Man who Brings You Presents (Assembly Required)” —Lying to Children is an unforgettable familial history filled with laughter, tears, and life lessons, and brimming over with a somewhat-less-than-perfect suburban dad’s unwavering love. (From Goodreads)

This book was hilarious. As a mom of four, I found that it was very easy to relate to. I’ve done the tooth fairy lie, the Santa Claus lie, Discouraging the desire to own a pet. and currently I am fighting the “I want a baby sister battle” with my youngest kids and now I find myself saying “How about a puppy?” haha!

This is one cool dude, and I think it is genius that he had the idea to write a book like this. I loved the roller coaster emotions this book, the ha-ha moments, to the awwww moments.

Which each chapter you learn something. As a parent you sacrifice things you want, or things you do, or things you need  in order to make your children’s life the best that it can be. With raising kids you tell them the lies, to make them happy, to keep them safe, and sometimes just to make yourself feel better. “Lying to Children” hit the nail on the head with many of its chapters, and it’s definitely a book I can pass on to parents who need a good hearty laugh.

Thank you to Booksparks for sending me this book for the #popupblogtour

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