Book Review Of Light Radiance Splendor By Leah Chyten


The Divine Shekinah seeks deliverance from exile to heal a world desperately in need of Her wisdom. Her chosen mission keeper, three generations of kabbalists from places as diverse as a 19th century shtetl and modern day Israel/Palestine, must grapple with profound injustices and the shadows of humanity. If they choose the path of righteousness, love, and forgiveness, Her light can return to the world. Will the mission succeed? Will the divine feminine return to the world? The Shekinah calls to all of us to find our own way to ‘knit the world back together.’ (From Goodreads)

I typically do not read Religious Fiction, and I do not follow different religious practices, so this book was completely lost in translation to me. Now I am not saying this is a bad book, because it’s not, it just was not the book for me. Readers of Religious Fiction, I’m sure will devour this book. And the cover is absolutely beautiful. Thank you to @Booksparks, for sending this to me as part of your #popupblogtour

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