Book Review Of “Ruined” By M.C. Frank

Ruined (Regency Retold #1)Ruined by M.C. Frank

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That last retelling of Jane Eyre I tried to read, was terrible. I could not find one redeeming quality about it, other than the cover was gorgeous.

This book however does not suffer from that same fate. There are some strong triggers in this book about sexual abuse. It’s told through flashbacks, and not overly graphic. But worthy of a mention. This was my first M.C. Frank book, I came across her on Instagram and luckily she was searching for book bloggers to read and review her book.

It’s beautiful and lyrical, and so creatively written. Very reminiscent of The Bronte sisters, and Jane Austen, that the author should be extremely proud if herself.

I loved Beatrice. She was strong, classy, sassy, and tenacious. She was a fighter, and I admired th at about her.

I want to get the physical copies of this series because the covers are so gorgeous, I feel they need to be owned and displayed. Read this guys, you won’t be disappointed.

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