Book Review Of “The Good Widow”



Elementary school teacher Jacqueline “Jacks” Morales’s marriage was far from perfect, but even in its ups and downs it was predictable, familiar. Or at least she thought it was…until two police officers showed up at her door with devastating news. Her husband of eight years, the one who should have been on a business trip to Kansas, had suffered a fatal car accident in Hawaii. And he wasn’t alone.

For Jacks, laying her husband to rest was hard. But it was even harder to think that his final moments belonged to another woman—one who had left behind her own grieving and bewildered fiancé. Nick, just as blindsided by the affair, wants answers. So he suggests that he and Jacks search for the truth together, retracing the doomed lovers’ last days in paradise.

Now, following the twisting path of that fateful road, Jacks is learning that nothing is ever as it seems. Not her marriage. Not her husband. And most certainly not his death…(From Amazon)

Thank you NetGalley, Lake Union, Lisa and Liz, for allowing me to read and review this book.

I am so glad I didn’t have to wait until June to read this book, I seriously don’t know if I could have waited that long. This book is so many things, all nicely wrapped up in a pretty little book. I felt going in, that this book was going to be a total thriller from the start, it has that total domestic thriller vibe to it. However, it is so much more. You see “Jacks” develop into a strong female character throughout the story. You get to witness her at her weakest, and at her strongest, and it goes to show you, that you never really know how strong you are, until you have no other choice. I absolutely loved “Jacks” and the way this book ended was absolute perfection. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, because there is so much to this book, and I really do not want to spoil it for anyone. But take my advice, make sure you have plenty of reading time, because this one will suck you in!

This was my first read of Liz and Lisa, and honestly, it will not be my last.

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