Book Review Of “Once, In Lourdes” By Sharon Solwitz

Once, in LourdesOnce, in Lourdes by Sharon Solwitz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This coming of age book, was intense. The emotions these kids carried around was enough to make me have to take a break from reading it, a few times.

The 60’s is always a time period that I wish I could have lived in. The music, the lifestyle, the incredible changes in history that occurred, just some of the things I wanted to witness. On some level I think many people can relate to these teens at some point in their life.

This book touched on so many issues, and it was so well written, that you were not overloaded with information, with back story, with character development. It’s a book that devours you, and you can’t put it down. You root for these teens, and you want them to survive and overcome. You become attached and you fight for them, the way you want them to fight. Well Done Sharon Solwitz

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