Book Review Of “It’s Always The Husband” By Michele Cambell


Kate, Aubrey, and Jenny first met as college roommates and soon became inseparable, despite being as different as three women can be. Kate was beautiful, wild, wealthy, and damaged. Aubrey, on financial aid, came from a broken home, and wanted more than anything to distance herself from her past. And Jenny was a striver―brillliant, ambitious, and determined to succeed. As an unlikely friendship formed, the three of them swore they would always be there for each other.

But twenty years later, one of them is standing at the edge of a bridge, and someone is urging her to jump.

How did it come to this?
Kate married the gorgeous party boy, Aubrey married up, and Jenny married the boy next door. But how can these three women love and hate each other? Can feelings this strong lead to murder? When one of them dies under mysterious circumstances, will everyone assume, as is often the case, that it’s always the husband? (FROM AMAZON)



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I am torn how I feel about this book. I was purely addicted to the part of the story when the girls were freshmen in college. I found the characters relate-able, while I didn’t really like them, I understood their behaviors, and why they bowed down to Kate, the queen bee. This book, really did a fantastic job of the complexity of friendships, especially when you have three women, from three very different worlds, all relying on each other, all the while backstabbing each other every chance they can get. The Rich Girl, The Middle Class Girl, and The Poor Girl. You really get to see how far they are all willing to go, to get what they want.

As the book progressed, and focused more on the adult life, and many more characters were introduced, I found the story became very unrealistic, and very over dramatized. There were some characters that just didn’t really even belong in the book. I did not like how any 3 of the girls turned out as adults, they were all self entitled snobs, and I wish they would have just been a bit more humbled after what happened their freshmen year.

The ending was good, the plot twist came as a bit of a surprise. I wish the author would have recapped Jenny and Aubrey 2 years later as well. Overall, this was a good book, and intriguing enough it kept me turning the pages. I would most definitely read something from Michele Campbell again.

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