Book Review Of “Gone Without A Trace” By Mary Torjussen@berkleypub

**I was contacted by the Publisher to partake in the Blog Tour for this book, I received the book for fee, in exchange of an honest review. The following opinions are of my own.**

WOW! This book completely blind-sided me. It was a good mashup of “Gone Girl” By Gillian Flynn and “Me Before You” By Lisa Hall. I enjoyed every second of this book, it kept me wanting more. I wanted to read it as fast as I could because I needed to figure out where Matt was, and who was doing all the suspicious things around Hannah’s house.I had some unease with Katie and James, and I wanted to figure out what exactly their roles were in this book.

There was a lot to this story, so many different secondary plots, centered around the secondary characters, at times it became a bit overwhelming, but it actually did all tie together at the end. I think this book will be liked by many, and mine will be one of many positive reviews! There is so much I want to discuss about this book, but I really can’t, because I don’t want to spoil anything for future readers!

Now, the bad. I did grow a bit annoyed with the behavior of Hannah, I didn’t like that she just couldn’t let go. I felt like okay, enough is enough. He left you, move on. There was something that happened in the book, and it bothered me to no end, that she could not put her own crap aside and deal with it. But at the end of the book it’s explained. So my frustration went away. Overall it was a good book, The last line of the book was fabulous!

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  1. This sounds really promising! I haven’t read Gone Girl yet, but I’ve heard all the good things about it. It’s hard when you dislike a character, though I’m glad in your case the frustration went away!

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