Book Review Of “The Idea Of You” By Amanda Prowse

The Idea of YouThe Idea of You by Amanda Prowse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was invited to read this, Via Netgalley, and I figured since it was an invitation, it would be rude not to accept it!

I am glad I did, this book was great! I really did enjoy it, and I probably would not have chosen it for myself. I could relate to this book a lot, and I think that only enhanced the reading experience. There was a lot of emotion put into this book, it bleeds onto the pages. You will feel your heart get tugged, and this book, will bring out some serious emotions. For mothers, for new wives, and for women in general. I am just a few years shy of 40 myself, and I question how emotional I am going to be when I hit that milestone. Thank you Netgalley!!!

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