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Reeling from the attempts on his life and that of his family, Police Inspector Robert Finlay returns to work to discover that any hope of a peaceful existence has been dashed. Assigned to investigate the Eastern European sex-slave industry just as a key witness is murdered. Finlay, along with his new partner Nina Brasov, finds himself facing a ruthless criminal gang, determined to keep control of the traffic of people into the UK. On the home front, Finlay’s efforts to protect his wife and child may have been in vain, as an MI5 protection officer uncovers a covert secret service operation that threatens them all. Aided by new allies, he must not only protect his family but save a colleague from an unseen enemy —and a shocking fate. (From Amazon)

I had never read anything about sex trafficking, I usually tend to stay away from books with story-lines as such. So I was a bit nervous to start this book. With it being a second in a series I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow along. However, I am glad I did read it, and I was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it, and how much I really loved Robert Finlay. There is enough back story, to allow you to read it, without feeling entirely lost.

The writing is superb, and the very first page had me sucked in. I feel like the subject matter was tastefully done, as well as the subject of P.T.S.D. which sometimes is written about so terribly. I have first hand experience dealing with someone who suffer’s from it, So Kudos to Matt for writing about it so well, without the over or under dramatization of it.

Deadly Games, had my heart racing, it gave me the “I want to stay up all night, just to see how it ends, Please Just One More Chapter” feeling, that makes a book an instant favorite. If Crime, and Thrillers are your favorite Genre, (and even if it isn’t) you guys need to give this book a read! Release June 1st, 2017

Thank You Karen, and Orenda Books for giving me this book to read and review, and for allowing me to partake in the Blog Tour.

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  1. Well I guess I need to read this. I am very OCD about reading books in order so I would certainly have to purchase the first one before I moved to this one.

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