Book Review Of “Beautiful Broken Girls” By Kim Savage

Beautiful Broken GirlsBeautiful Broken Girls by Kim Savage
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

*I was given an E-book for free, Via Netgalley, in exchange of an honest review*

Where do I start? I loved the first few chapters, and than I didn’t. It had such potential.

Here’s the thing, I felt like I had no idea how old these characters were. Were they high-school kids? Where they college Kids? Were they young adults? Most of them speak as adults, but then horribly juvenile phrases are hidden among the pages. (i.e. “That’s Whack”, “A true bro would…”) To me, that took away from the story, the phrases just seemed so out of place.

The story itself is so odd, and everything, and I do mean everything is left up to interpretation, there really isn’t any resolution to the story. It’s kind of just words on paper, that just ends, and you think, “What the hell? what was the point? This is how it ends??”

There was so much potential, and so many ways she could have built these characters, but I think the mark was missed. I really did want to love this book.

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