Book Review Of “Target Earth” By Mary Louise Davie

It’s a new day on Earth in the twenty-third century, and an awestruck public is witnessing the stunning arrival of what looks like a lunar lander in Washington, D.C. Called in for their scientific and linguistic expertise, husband and wife team Danny and Chris Marama wait eagerly to meet the alien visitors, whose spacecraft now rests in the American president’s Rose Garden. When two space-suited beings emerge, they surprise exo-linguist Danny by speaking English, among other languages, as they disclose their agenda: to explore Earth’s technology and return to their home planet with it.

Accompanying them is a prestigious assignment Danny is only too happy to take on. What she doesn’t discover until later is their secret agenda, much more sinister and life-changing for Danny, Chris, and the entire human race. And both Danny and Chris must choose: loyalty to Earth, whose leaders may be targeting their own people for death, or to the alien race—and life. (From Amazon) 

** I was invited by Ultimate Fantasy Books, to partake in their blog tour/review for TARGET EARTH, In exchange for an honest review, I was given the book for free. My opinions are of my own, and not influenced by receiving a free book**

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This was a rather interesting book, and it ask’s a very interesting question. Have we as a human race become entirely to dependent on technology? I’d like to think that we as a race have advanced, but in all honesty, I believe the human race has taken a few steps backwards. There has been studies recently that state our attention span is down to mere seconds, and less than a hamsters. Crazy huh?  “Target Earth” also slyly points out something, How destructive are we really? Just how bad will we allow things to get?

This was such a different read, and gave me so much food for thought. I really enjoyed it, and I could tell that the author really did put a lot of effort into this book. I just have one final thought. If the alien species are so intelligent, and they have the space crafts to travel to Earth, why even bother with us? They really would out rank us on the intelligence meter, especially when we’ve never been able to prove they were real. HaHa!


2 thoughts on “Book Review Of “Target Earth” By Mary Louise Davie”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    And just to answer your question; as we reach further out into space it almost requires ‘them’ to take notice of us. Now the question comes up would they deem us worthy of joining a universal society-what do you think?

    Thanks for the read!
    Mary Louise Davie

    1. I’m not so sure we would be worthy enough. But it’s really such an interesting idea to ponder! Thank you so much for sending me your book! I did enjoy it.

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