Book Review of ” A Time To Rise” By Nadine Brandes


What more can you sacrifice than your life?

Parvin Blackwater is dead.

At least that’s what the Council and the world thinks. But her sacrifice tore down part of the Wall long enough to stir up hope and rebellion in the people. Now she will rise again. Strong, free, and fearless.

Parvin and Solomon must uncover the mysterious clues that Jude left behind in order to destroy the projected Wall once and for all. Meanwhile, the Council schemes to new levels of technology in its attempts to keep the people contained. Can a one-handed Radical and a scarred ex-Enforcer really bring shalom to the world? (From Amazon) This book releases October 14th. 2016

  • I received this book for free, in exchange for an honest review

So, I am hoping you have read my last two reviews, and you can see how far I have come with my feelings towards this series. This book deals with hot topics, Politics, Religion, Racism. Three topics that I don’t ever discus, or really read about. However, this book was written so well, that I really enjoyed reading it, (the whole series really) Mrs. Brandes did not blatantly write about these topic’s, it was just something simple as a statement, “They said I wasn’t good enough, now my skin is turning brown” It’s a moment that kind of opens your eyes, and you realize just how judgmental society is. If this series does anything, I hope it evokes a change in the younger generation.  There was some similarities to a few other books that I have read, which was rather interesting. By the end of this book, I had grown so fond of every single character that Mrs. Brandes created, (however not Brickbat) Oh Skelley, Skelley. 😉 This book, and the world that was created, was so fun to read, I really enjoyed the whole series!

Overall, I am so happy to be a part of this release, I am so happy to be a part of Nadines Street Team. You should follow her on Instagram!


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