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ravenheader f16719e4b7df76ff41a1ea6a1578628d51e2d2baTitle: The Raven Trilogy: The First Journey Author: Melka Stansah   Summary from Raven isan outcast in a dystopian medieval world at war. When Raven embarks on a journey to avenge his father’s death, he meets someone that turns his life upside down and discovers the truth of his origins. Will Raven find the answers heis looking for?




ravenexcerpt    Chapter 1: It was a cold winter night. Snow had fallen, covering the stone roads and rooftops of a quiet village, Kiolz. Each family stayed in their houses and sought the warmth of their fire places. It was an unsettled night for a man who was riding his horse in the cold, seeking shelter from the cruel winter weather. The night was getting dark and the wind started to change its demeanor into a horrible winter storm. “It’s not looking good,” said the man to his horse, his only companion. “We have to find shelter for tonight.”
He focused his eyes, hoping to catch a glimpse of a light from a house. At this hour most of the villagers would be sleeping, but he had hopes that one or two would still be awake. He was grateful when he eventually saw a blurry light in the distance, in a window of a small house. The man got off his horse and willed himself to knock on the wooden door. He did not have to wait long as the door was opened quickly by a blind man. “I am sorry tobeso impolite,”he said to the house owner. “A horrible storm is coming and I have nowhere to stay. Would you be kind enough to let me stay the night?”“I am quite surprised to have someone knocking on my door on a terrible night like this; everyone should be staying in their homes where there is shelter. You must be coming from quite a far place.”The house owner said. “Bring your horse to the barn and come in afterwards.”The horse rider thanked him and did ashe was told. The house was warm and comfortable; the man could tell it belonged to a small happy family. The house owner invited him to a small round dining table where he was waiting with a lady. He then poured some rokha, a kind of fragrant wine, and served itto his guest. “Let’s have a sip of this good rokha. This is a helpful friend on a winter night like this.”He then poured some for himself. “My name is Radeth and this ismy wife, Vea.”Vea was carrying a little baby who was sleeping soundly in his mother’s arms. “This is our son, hewas born just five days ago and we are still deciding the best name for him.”“Ah,” the man looked at Radeth’s son and smiled. “Heis adorable.”“Heis a strong boy.” Radeth said with pride. “And like his father, he will be a great warrior.”“I’m sure he will.” The man said. “My name is Nicholas and I am very grateful for the shelter tonight.”Vea soon took her baby back to her room while Nicholas and Radeth stayed for a few more sips ofrokha. “So where are you heading, warrior?” Radeth poured more rokha into his cup. “Oh, how do you know I am a warrior?” Nicholas said ina shocked tone before he realised his question might offend Radeth due to his blindness. “Ah, I’m so sorry. I have no intention to offend you.”Radeth smiled. “No, don’t be. I understand. How could a blind man tell who someone is whilst hecan’t even see them? I know as I can sense the big sabre you are carrying. It’s not just an ordinary sabre; itis made of two layers of steel which have been forged together, this process makesit twice as strong. No man but a warrior is capable of carrying such a heavy, extraordinary weapon on a long journey through wild storms.”“You are right to say it’s not an ordinary sabre and it’s very heavy.” Nicholas said, amazed. “But tobe more precise, it was not only double layered but also forged three times.”“You are the blacksmith?”
“Yes,” Nicholas said proudly. “One ofmy skills I am proud of.”“Could I hold it for a second?”Radeth held the sabre and felt the blade surface with his fingers then returned the sabre to Nicholas. “Itis a great weapon,” Radeth said. “But it’s too inconvenient for a battle.”“It was never meant tobe used in a battle,” Nicholas said, receiving back his sabre. “Itis very precious.”Nicholas silently observed his new acquaintances. He was delighted to meet Radeth as they shared something in common. Even though Radeth was blind he did not seem to have any difficulty doing things. He had brilliant senses; dark black hair and strong confident posture, there was no doubt hewas born a fighter. “So, where are you heading?” Radeth repeated his unanswered question. “North.” Nicholas said. “North? There is nothing there but deserted and murderous mountains.”“I have no choice.”Nicholas said smiling. “I’m on a mission, and nothing is more important than accomplishing it.”Radeth nodded, “Indeed.”



71jnyqzttpl-_ux250_About the Author: Melka Stansah was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 1983. At just sixteen , Melka took the leap tomove to Melbourne, Australia to study. Later she spent two years living in Singapore but returned to Melbourne where she now resides with her husband. Her influences for writing are varied as her love of travel and culture has vastly enriched her life. Her childhood was spent reading Indonesian folklore, manga and novels written by famous authors all around the world. Melka’s fantasy novels are influenced by her love of world history, historical literature and ancient mythology. “The Raven Trilogy: The First Journey”is her published novel in a series of three.



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