“Warning, A Rant Is Coming”

So, I do a lot of E-galley and Indie Author reviews, and when I do so, I make sure to post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The other day, I was looking at some of my older reviews, and I came across the review I did on “The Couple Next Door”, now on Amazon, the rating system is stars, and also I disliked it, I loved It, kind of system. So 4 stars is “I liked It”, 5 Star’s is “I loved It” Now, I have read plenty of books that I loved, however they weren’t anywhere close to a 5 star rating, Do I go by stars on Amazon, or do I go by their I liked it, loved it options?

I loved “The Couple Next Door” to me, it was in between a 4 and 5 star rating, so I went with 5 stars. I do not rate very many books at a 5. To me that is something special and is saved for books that leave a lasting impression. I got a very rude comment on my review

Initial post: Jul 27, 2016 9:46:05 AM PDT
Reviews by those given free books are pointless. I have zero faith in them. I wish Amazon would stop letting these be printed. 5 stars??? what a surprise!

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  1. Some people say they want honesty, but only if you see things that way they do. I have a hard time understanding someone who takes time to bash someone else because they don’t agree. No two people agree with each other in everything all the time.
    If someone thinks he can do better reviews, then go for it!
    Most people who have the time to criticize another person are in reality doing nothing constructive themselves.

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