Paper St. Books August/September Book Box Review

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Unique and quirky book and/or graphic novel
1-3 items related to the theme/book
Bookish swag from our featuring publishers (if available)Exclusive member’s discount for our shop
A chance to participate in our exclusive giveaways and much more!

I came across Paper St. Books On Instagram, and they were nice enough to send me a box to review (I asked via Direct Message), and took sympathy on me, since I just started in this book blogging world. I am very impressed with their wonderful customer service. I have never read graphic novels, but I thought maybe I would review this book for those of my followers who do. The packaging was so pretty, and the books came wrapped in brown paper, with a string bow. Presentation deserves a 10. If I recall correctly, The price of the “Book Warrior Box” is $43 and shipping and its a bi-monthly box. USE CODE, PAGES10  FOR AN EXCLUSIVE COUPON. 

Included in my box, the “Book Warrior Box”-

River Keep, By Martin Stewart- The Danék is a wild, treacherous river, and the Fobisher family has tended it for generations—clearing it of ice and weed, making sure boats can get through, and fishing corpses from its bleak depths. Wulliam’s father, the current Riverkeep, is proud of this work. Wull dreads it. And in one week, when he comes of age, he will have to take over.
Then the unthinkable happens. While recovering a drowned man, Wull’s father is pulled under—and when he emerges, he is no longer himself. A dark spirit possesses him, devouring him from the inside. In an instant, Wull is Riverkeep. And he must care for his father, too.
When he hears that a cure for his father lurks in the belly of a great sea-dwelling beast known as the mormorach, he embarks on an epic journey down the river that his family has so long protected—but never explored. Along the way, he faces death in any number of ways, meets people and creatures touched by magic and madness and alchemy, and finds courage he never knew he possessed. (from Amazon)

Plutonia, By Jeff Lemire- (Graphic Novel) Five kids discover the body of the world’s greatest super hero, Plutona, in the woods after school one day. This discovery sends them on a dark journey that will threaten to tear apart their friendship and their lives.

An Exclusive Book Warrior T-Shirt by Paper St. Books and Comics

What Would Jessica Jones Do? Art Print by Megan Lara

Supernatural Castiel Funko Keychain

Twin Peaks Inspired “This Must Be Where Pies Go When They Die” candle by Milk and Jelly

Overall, I was impressed with this box, I loved the Candle and the t-shirt. The book was a bit too young for me, but will be perfect for my daughter. If you like what you’ve seen here, you should definitely subscribe to Paper St. Books.

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