Beautiful Funeral, by Jamie McGuire Book Review


You have loved with them, hated with them, cried with them, laughed with them, now it’s time to grieve with them. I rate this book a 4.5 stars out of 5.

The fifth installment of the Maddox Brothers series is just as amazing as all the others. In this one book, you will feel everything from joy, to love, to gut punching, how do I recover from this sadness.

I was actually given an ARC of this from Jamie earlier this month, so my review of this book is an honest one, in exchange for the ARC.

I am one of Jamie’s biggest fans, I own every single book she has written, and I have loved every one. My absolute favorite is “Sweet Nothing” (If you have not read it, buy the e-book now, you will thank me for it later)

I don’t want to post too much info on this book, I don’t want to risk spoiling anything. I will say, if you have not read any of the Maddox Brothers books, you could get away with reading this one, as Jamie kind of gives small back stories to each character, and their spouses. So this could possibly work as a standalone.

Please everyone, don’t hesitate to read this one. If you have read this book, what are your thoughts?

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