July Book Purchases



Those Girls- By Chevy Stevens

Night Circus- By Erin Morgenstern

We Could Be Beautiful- By Swan Huntley

The Outliers- By Kimberly McCreight

Beware That Girl- By Teresa Torten

Entwined- By Heather Dixon

All The Missing Girls- By Megan Miranda

The Twins- By Saskia Sarginson

You Knew Me When- By Emily Liebert

One Perfect Day- By Lauraine Snelling

Lost Gods- By A.M. Yates

Fated Gods- By A.M. Yates

The Wild- By Cheryl Strayed

Every Exquisite Thing- By Matthew Quick

Missing, Presumed- By Susie Steiner

How To Not Fall In Love- By Lisa Brown Roberts

The Vault Of Dreamers- By Caragh M. O’Brien

The Butterfly Garden- By Dot Hutchison

Unseen Messages- By Pepper White

The Perfect Life- By Erin Noelle

The Lilac Girls- By Martha Hall Kelly 

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