Book Review of “The Children” by Ann Leary (Spoiler-ish)



*I was given this book for free, in exchange for an honest review” 4/5 

I read the synopsis for this book on I was immediately drawn to this book from the cover, and then once I read the story-line I knew I had to try and get it! The secrets, and the HUGE plot twist in this book were insane. I loved the characters, (except one of them, I actually hated). When you start reading, you think this story is just about a blended family and what happens to them proceeding the death of a parent. But it is so much more than that.

It took me a few days to read this book, I think it was mainly because I was enjoying it, and taking my time reading it. Be prepared to be happy, annoyed, angered, sad, and even more sad,(keep tissues close) confused, and for a few pages, kind of mad because in the real world, the story wouldn’t have ended the way it did.

Also, I want to add, that I really am impressed that Authors are starting to write more about mental health. They are making people talk about it, they are responsible for blog postings, they are bringing awareness to a very sensitive matter. One that people tend to overlook, to not talk about. And I for one am happy that this is happening. It kind of takes the shame away. I can only hope it continues. I will definitely buy this book as a physical copy. I am usually an YA or NA reader. This book makes me want to broaden my horizons.

If you have read this, what are your thoughts?




Holy Smokes, where do I start? I always had this idea, that for once I’d like the bad guy to win. That I was so tired of reading books and watching movies, and always seeing the good guys win. This book is absolutely different and I hated it. I think maybe it was because of the circumstances in the book? I really disliked the character from the start. I knew something was off, and I never really warmed up to the person. The plot twist, while creative, and unique, and intriguing .The aftermath is what made me mad. Had it been real life, the bad guy would have lost, and got what was coming to them. In this book, I think I would have liked to have seen that. To see this character think they got away with something, and than to have it all ripped away.

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