Guest Post by Ruby Knight, Author of “The Sway”



Hi! Thanks for inviting me to talk about my inspiration for The Sway. When I originally wrote this book, nearly two years ago, I had just finished watching the TV show Alias, as well as returning from New York. I had been there for a writer’s conference. I was feeling renewed and inspired in my writing. I don’t think I write in the traditional way, when I start writing, it plays out like a film in my head and I. CAN’T. STOP. until I finish it. It’s kind of awesome and kind of draining. I’d drive places and would have to dictate to myself as I think of things for my characters or the storyline. No plotting, no character sketches, all by the seat of my pants.

This particular novel was tricky, because I wanted to incorporate super powers. Because, hello, I want super powers. I also had to push Julia’s character into a frame of mind, that even though she was in this highly respected position in the government, her emotional growth had been stunted, because she’d never experienced a lot of the “regular” teen things. So that was really fun for me to play with. And of course, Cole. Swoon… he is Scott Eastwood in my head, but then again Mikey and his protective nature and his willingness to be there for Julia. I mean, who doesn’t love a good triangle… I guess you’ll have to wait for that though, in the next books.





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