Review of “Demigods and Monsters” by Raye Wagner

*I was given this book by the Author, in exchange for an honest review*

So as I said in my review of The Curse of the Sphinx (Book 1) I had never read Mythology books before. However this series has opened my eyes to a whole new reading world. I can honestly say that this book is by far my favorite of the two. I was hooked from the quote on the first page. It had such a dramatic affect on me, I could not wait to dig further into the book, and I definitely was not let down. I want very badly to say so much about this book, the story-line, and the characters. But I won’t because I do not want to spoil this treasure for anyone. I will however say, that I LOVE Dahlia and I would absolutely devour a book written about her.

You can tell that Raye Wagner has a passion for writing these books. She has such a great way to pull you into this world, to grow attachments to characters, and to feel their emotions. It’s been an incredible ride so far, and I cannot wait to see how this all ends.


“On this night and in this land. Hear the curse, how it will stand. Your body and your beauty be touched and marked eternally of me. And when your family is complete. Then death will visit on swift feet, and rob you of the joy divine. The joy that should be yours and mine. Until we wed, and love and more, This shall stand forevermore” – Raye Wagner 

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