Review of “Curse of the Sphinx” By Raye Wagner

I was given the opportunity by Raye Wagner, to join her read and review team. I was given an e-book, to read and write an honest review about it. Now, I must add, that I have never read a YA Mythology based book. So I do not have much to compare it to, so I am going based on my love of YA books and reading in general.

The book is based on a girl named Hope, and she has lived a very sheltered life, moving around frequently and always being on the run from people who are hunting her. She has never made friends, as her mom did not allow it. So in turn, she tends to be a bit bitchy and aggressive to people who are trying to be nice to her. Something happens, that requires her to move to a very small almost invisible town, and she needs to start her life over. She actually allows herself to make a couple of friends, and maybe even a couple of enemies. Athan is another important Character in this book. I had a love hate relationship with him, I really liked him through most of the books, but there was a few times where I thought, “What a jerk”. But overall I really enjoyed the interaction between Hope and Athan.

It was actually very easy to read, and the author made it possible for me to follow, because as she wrote about the Gods and Goddesses, she slyly included what their powers were. Which was nice for a new Mythology reader like myself. Her writing style was descriptive, flowing, and really drew me in. I finished this book within 24 hours of receiving it.And it really has encouraged me, to expand my reading tastes, and possibly pick up more Mythology books in the future. I feel somewhat attached to this book, as it was based in Seattle (for a majority of the book), and it had several mentions of surrounding cities. I myself am from Washington, so I new every town and city she had mentioned. I look forward to many more books from Raye Wagner, and I really highly advise anyone reading this to check her out as well!

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