My Review Of “When We Collided” (Spoiler Free)


When We Collided, By Emery Lord- I will start off by saying, I got this book in my ParnassusNext Book Box. I was excited to read this, as I had heard a lot of good things.

This book is written in a way that flows, and makes it very easy to read. I loved Jonah, and all of his siblings. What his family had been through was easily felt through the words of the book. I could almost feel the stress of what they endured on a daily basis. He was very lovable and many times during the book, I had Awww moments.

Vivi, on the other hand, as much as I tried, I could not warm up to her, or like her very much. Until the end of the book that is, when I believe you really get to see the true Vivi. Her mom also really frustrated me, her obliviousness to her daughter and what her daughter was, or was not doing. Was truly frustrating, (being a mother myself) She had seen the signs before and instead of acting on them, she just stuck her head in the sand.

I love the topic of this book, and I really feel that it needs to be written about and talked about more. I believe that stories like this can truly educate people. I think Emery Lord, was spot on in her writing and details about what is going on with Vivi. Some moments during the book, I felt like Vivi. I can not figure out, if that is a good for bad thing. Haha! This is a book I would want my daughter to read, and hopes that it would stay with her for a long time.

“I keep wondering if it’ll ever hurt less. This…this hole in our lives.” “Oh, I imagine it’ll hurt less eventually. I think there will always be a hole, though. But lace is one of the most beautiful fabrics, you know. All those holes and gaps, but it’s still complete somehow- still lovely.”
― Emery Lord, When We Collided

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